Monday, 30 March 2015

Listen to my podcast debut!

I took part in my first ever podcast appearance last night. Thanks to the great Pete from In2theReview  for inviting me to chat comics, conventions and general geekery with the brilliant and talented Sarah Millman (The Heart of Time) and Kerry Hallingham (Kerry Cosplay). Had loads of fun and apart from the usual thing of hating the sound of my own voice (everyone has that don't they?) I don't think I made too much of a fool of myself.

 Now listen to the show out and my inane waffle about everything and nothing!!

Now you've listened to that, no doubt you want to read, see and know more about the awesome people that very graciously put up with my waffling!

Check out In2theReview here

Check out Sarah's The Heart of Time here and pledge to its awesome kickstarter here (well worth it)

Check out the Kerry's awesome cosplay here and see why she deservedly won a PS4!!

Until next time folks!

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

The Red Mask Convention Tour 2015!

We've hit the hump day of the week, and roll on the weekend!

Im currently fighting off a potential cold but as The Red Mask issue 2 went off to the printers yesterday morning it stands no chance of bringing me down! HUZZAH!! I've also sent out a few pdf copies to people for potential reviews, so cue much nail-biting and wondering if the second issue is as fun as I hope it is :D


Its going to be another year of comic convention goodness as I take my comic The Red Mask From Mars and my book Stalkerville on the road again. Had a great time, met some great people and went to place I've never visited before last year, and this year looks to be no different. 

Check out the line up of dates and pencil in the ones you want to come by and say hi at!

Got a couple more possible events I could add to this line up, but just waiting on news/announcements. I think we can all agree it looks like an awesomely stellar line up so far though!  Looking forward to catching up with my small press buddies, spread the making-comics love and pick up some of their awesome books. Thats one of the awesome things about the small press comic scene in the UK at the moment, there is so much good stuff out there of all shapes, sizes and flavours. Its just an honour to be amongst them.

Anyhoo, best get back to the laboratory, issue 2 may be imminent, but issue 3 is screaming out for attention now, and that one... is going to be even more epic.

I mean... look at the cover!!

Until next time folks...
Vince x

Thursday, 19 March 2015

The Red Mask From Mars issue 2 is going off to the printers!!

Its been a while since I did a blog post, and at first I was thinking I might do a couple of paragraphs with the usual jokes and nonsense I normally speak, but if you don't mind, I'd like to speak from the heart for a moment, and also give you a lil behind-the-scenes at the same time.

It's been an interesting and busy few months for me from a work perspective. Had a bit of a crisis of confidence after some lacklustre performances at conventions, and had some real issues trying to get myself 'back on the horse'. Im sure this strikes everyone at some point when they're working on stuff they're passionate about and following their dreams. Its the journey that makes it an experience worth remembering, and every great journey has bumps in the road.

However, every great journey has a destination, and what destination could be better than this...

Its with joy in my heart that I can tell you that The Red Mask From Mars issue 2 is going off to the printers this week. And let me tell you... this one has been an exciting, emotional yo-yo of a process. I'm a lot happier with the artwork in this one, but had the stress and problem of having to rewrite some dialogue during the lettering process when I realised that some dialogue and scenes just didn't work. Its an advantage of lettering this book myself, as I can edit, punch up and improve the story on the fly, but some of these sections really tested me this time. Mix that with the lacklustre performance that Red had at the last two shows I went to (to clarify, I really enjoyed being at these shows, which almost made peoples lack of interest in my comic extra difficult) and I found myself at a low at the start of the year. But, I had given people a release date and deadline and it was imperative that I made it happen, and so I picked myself up, dusted myself off and got myself back into the game (the importance of having an awesome and encouraging fiancĂ© is not to be underestimated either - Jo you rock!)

So I plugged away at the issue, desperate to make the best issue I could and get it out to the fans who have been so hugely patient, supportive and encouraging since the origin issue and issue 1 first came out. SIDE NOTE: I can't speak highly enough of all you people, and genuinely mean this when I say it... the journey of The Red Mask From Mars would not be the same without you and I truly appreciate all of the support and kind words.

Then that beautiful strawberry headed knight in shining armour Doug Stewart came back with a vengeance.

Its almost like he kicked the door in, slapped me across the face and shouted 'SORT YOURSELF OUT MAN! WE'VE GOT A WORLD TO TAKE OVER!!" The book turned a corner, it took on a life of its own and when my colourist brother from another mother Shaun Dobie sent me the pages all coloured up everything clicked together. Shaun makes me look good, so for that alone he' would be one of my bests if I didn't know him since he were kids. He's done another cracking job on issue 2 of Red Mask even though I made it hell with some of the crazy action that I put inside it. Actually, I'm surprised he still talks to me. I'm sure he won't when he see's what I've got planned for issue 3 :D

Like the great band Everclear said in their song 'The Good Witch of the North', "Nothing good ever does come easy. Nothing good ever comes without a fight" and nothing could be truer than this issue. Now its all come together and is off to Stuart Gould and the folks at UKomics I have to tell you that I could not be happier with how its turned out. Its a slobberknocker of an issue and is going to please fans of issue one hugely I hope. Ass is kicked, jokes are abundant, more mysteries are teased and it ends on another killer cliffhanger.

As you can see, plenty of action is going to be shoved in your eyeballs, including an introduction to one of my favourite Red Mask characters. Extra points will be awarded to those who get the TV show reference AND song lyrics :)

Once again I've learned a lot from taking the epic challenge and creating my own comic book, and I'm walking away re-energised and ready to work on a lot more cool stuff to come (Descending Outlands two is in the pipeline which is going to be epic)... not to mention issue 3 of The Red Mask!! Check out the cover for that here!!

I'm getting geared up to do loads of promo for Red Mask, so expect a ton of shameless self-promo, reviews, interviews and general madness to come!

I'm finalising some more convention appearances this year, so soon I'll post up a new 'tour poster' so you guys can come and meet me and get the latest Red Mask goodies!!

One point of call is to get the Facebook group a shedload more followers. Check it out, tell everyone you know and CLICK HERE AND GET INVOLVED RED TEAMERS!

So there you have it folks, a long-winded diatribe and thinly-vield promo about how great my comic is and a brief glimpse into my fractured, fragile psyche. What did you expect? You're reading my blog for pities sake!!

Im joking. I love you all. Expect high-fives or hugs next time I see you.

Until next times (which won't be so long in coming I promise)


Monday, 8 December 2014

Con Tour Ends, but the December Sketch adventure has begun!!

Ho ho hoooooooh who am I kidding, its not christmas yet. Got too much to do before then, like finally posting this much delayed blog about stuff and things :D

Well, my convention list for 2014 is done, and what a year my first foray into comic book convention exhibiting it was!

From the debut of The Red Mask From Mars #1 at Bristol Comic Expo, its been a roller coaster ride of meeting new (and awesome) people, making new friends, getting some great feedback about the comic and travelling all over to pimp my little book about a cocky, hyperactive former astronaut with an alien strapped to his face.

Im grateful to say that so far the Red Mask has gone down pretty well, and the reaction and feedback has been overwhelming, awesome and totally makes me even more excited about working on the further adventures of the Xenosphere crew. I've truly fallen in love with the bunch of characters in this book, and I hope that as people continue to follow the first arc, more and more people will do so too!

I also launched the Stalkerville collection, and as Ive got a stack of books to sell, expect me to pimp the hell of this stuff over the next few months!!


Bristol's BCP was an interesting affair. As always, its awesome to hang out with my author flavoured writing buddy Daniel Marc Chant (check out his website and upcoming books here) and it was cool to see him have his books on display for the first time. It was odd for me, as I was giving him tips and ideas on how to display his half of the table it was almost as if I knew what I was doing. I've only been doing this for half a year and have learnt so much from so many people. I'm finding with each show Im trying new ways to set up and make my work stand out better, and with each new book that Im going to bring out I dont see that stopping any time soon. I wont lie - I love it. Being at conventions with a table is tiring stuff but in the best possible way.

As for the show itself, it was very quiet in terms of turn out, but gave me an awesome excuse to catch up with my good friends from the Razarhawk, Dexters Half Dozen, Disconnected Press and Hellbound Media crews - always a good time and something I wish happened more frequently (oh get a grip Vince you soft pile of soppy mashed potato).

I'm seemingly collecting even more awesome people to hang out and talk comics with, like they're some kind of race of Pokemon, only with cooler powers and comics to sell.

This happened first in the form of the (hilarious) Lou Scannon duo of Dan Harris and Kris Carter. Been wanting to pick up LS for a while now, and it did not disappoint - a great comic series you should check out! Plus we totally nerded out reminiscing about 80s kids cartoons, and I dont think theres any quicker way to my heart than that.

Then had the absolute pleasure of meeting the awesome illustrator/purveyor of monster and dinosaur joy Rianne Rowlands, who not only was one of the nicest and enthusiastic people I've met in ages, but is a big fan of vector based artwork like me. Plus she's done some awesome music artwork and cd design so immediately I was a fan.

Those guys also bought Red Mask so they've joined the rest of the people who have bought my comic and are essentially my favourite people in the world (yes, if you've got a copy of issue 1 then you're also in this camp).

But the fun don't stop there in the land of Vince...


So December has started, and on the first day of the month I was thinking/grumbling about my lack of an advent calendar this year, when suddenly I as struck by a bit of inspiration. Well, I say inspiration, I see loads of artists on twitter do this kind of thing a lot, but its a first for me, so that counts as inspiration right? Anyhoo, I decided that for every day of December I'd put a shout out to anyone who listens to me on twitter and facebook to give me suggestions of different characters to draw. I then pick one at random and sketch up said character and post it up for all to see (including a shout out to the good guy/gal that suggested it). Its an exercise to get me drawing more regularly and also gives me the fun challenge of drawing characters that I've never drawn before. I had no idea how much fun I would have doing this though. The suggestions I've got so far have been awesome, crazy, random, cool and everything in between, and every one I get (and I mean EVERY ONE) goes into my suggestion hat so that I can pick one each day. The term 'suggestion hat' shouldnt be taken lightly, I've literally been using one of my hats as a makeshift sketchy raffle picker utensil.

If you want to throw any ideas for characters you want to see me draw, then hit me up on twitter or facebook and let me know, you never know whats going to come out of the hat.

I mean, look at the first few days of sketches!!

If you like what you see here and want to see me draw a particular character, be sure to get in touch and tell everyone you know. Its a big ol bag of December advent fun dontcha know!

Anyhoo, thats it for now folks. Until next time (when I'll no doubt be showing more of this sketchy goodness), keep it cheerful, Christmassy and rocking!!

Vince x

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Post Con Next Con DECEPTICON!

Well, its Thursday already and I STILL don't think I've woken up after an epic weekend at Thought Bubble. Lazy? me? NEVER! HOW DARE YOU! TIS SLANDER I SAY!!

I had a great first visit to the comic book mecca that is the Thought Bubble Festival this year. It was such a concentrated amount of comic book awesome in one place that my head nearly exploded, plus it was awesome to take the Red Mask and Stalkerville on their longest road trip yet! Sharing my table was my colourist, buddy and general comic book deviant Shaun Dobie who brought his epic action sci-fi Descending Outlands (which you can grab from and a cool selection of prints etc with him for public consumption.

Heres what my table set up looked like, chocked full of comic book goodness!

Of course if you were there you no doubt saw this and the two hairy menaces lurking behind the table too.

The 2 day show itself was an epic affair, and if you went as a visitor you no doubt were as overwhelmed as I was. So much to see and buy, and to be surrounded by so many crazy talented and creative people was just awesome on so many levels.

We were situated in the Thought Bubble TeePee on table 21 (if you follow my twitter you no doubt saw me rambling about it over and over in the lead up to the event), which was a huge tent that linked the two areas of small press awesomeness. We were situated next to Alex Hahn and Dominic McKenzie, two supremely nice illustrators and purveyors of small press comicdom, and it was great to meet and spend the weekend chatting to them. Proper nice chaps they were! When I was in London doing the Comiket in the British Library, my girlfriend picked up one of Alex's comics too - so naturally I had to follow her lead :D

The TeePee was also the place where some of the big names in comics were appearing for signings etc, and boy was it busy all weekend. The footfall was quite astonishing. Unfortunately, I'm afraid to say, this didn't necessarily turn into the comic book sales I was expecting for either me or Shaun. People were digging on the prints that we had, but to get folks to check out the comics was an uphill struggle. Bit of a shame and it was certainly learning curve for us both, but still didn't detract from how awesome Thought Bubble is. Next year Im gonna be back stronger and hungry for more thats for sure!

The show also gave me a chance to catch up with friends old and new, and pick up a great selection of books to add to my ever growing collection of small press awesomeness. Check it out!

Theres some truly tasty books there I think you'll agree. I told myself I wasnt going to get any more prints as Ive run out of room to hang them, but dang it the ones I got here are awesome.

Okay *takes deep breath* heres the mega big old school thank you/shout out to the lovely people I got to meet/hang out with and catch up with this weekend.
Andy Bloor, Mike Garley, Mike Stock, Joe Glass, Nich Angell, Alice White, Jon Lock, Lucy Brown, Jen Gyllablad, the Beard, Mark Adams, Conor Boyle, Lizzie Boyle, Anastacia Catris, Dom McKenzie, Alex Hahn, Kel Winser, Tom Ward, Nick Gonzo, Sarah Millman, Alfie Gallagher, Owen Watts, Jasmine Woods, Tony Esmond, Matthew Harrower, Hugo Boylan, Kerrie Smith and Sam Webster.

Phew! Think that was everyone.

A special mention goes to one of my writing heroes Scott Snyder, who whilst having a wander around when things were winding down, actually popped over to our table at the end of Sunday to say hi and have a brief chat. A super humble and awesome guy. I did a miniature geek out but recovered and had a really cool chat about his new book Wytches, a book which if you're a horror fan (as I am) then you really have to check out. When I told him that this was our first year of publishing comics and appearing at conventions he simply said 'Welcome to the neighbourhood'. It was a simple moment but one I'll remember for a very long time. Thanks Scott (not that you'll  ever read this but still)!!

After an epic convention like that you'd think I'd be done with being out in public for the year, but not me - Ive got ANOTHER CONVENTION THIS WEEKEND!!


This time I'll be just down the road in Bristol for the BCP BOOK FAIR AND COMICS EXPO. Its a one day event taking place on Saturday 22nd November in the Mercure Holland Hotel, theres lots of awesome comic people that are gonna be there, such as my friends from Bearded Skull comics, Hellbound Media, Disconnected Press and of course my con besties Dani and Ian from Razarhawk! Cant wait to catch up with em all!

This time Ill be sharing my table with my other brother from another mother, Daniel Marc Chant. You may remember me talking about him before. He's an upcoming horror author that Ive created book covers for. He's making his convention and book debut this weekend, and will have copies of his intense and horrortastic debut novella Burning House for sale, as well as an offer on how to get your hands on a FREE copy of his next book Maldicion. Make sure you pop over and talk horror with this guy, because next year he has got some SERIOUSLY awesome books coming out!


For those people who are eagerly awaiting the second issue of The Red Mask From Mars, I can tell you that its going to be coming out in early 2015. Shaun is putting his sexy colours all over it as we speak and Im going to start lettering very soon. Im pretty stoked about how this issue is coming together, and if you liked the first one then by the power of grey skull you are going to love whats coming next.

Heres a sneaky peak at some of some line art.

I'll no doubt be releasing sneaky peeks of the issue, so stay tuned to my twitter feed and let me know what you think.

Anyhoo, I've rambled enough for now. Expect more waffling and artwork soon my lovelies!

Until then, keep it metal and comicy folks!
Vince xxx

Friday, 31 October 2014

Check out this Halloween anthology featuring a NEW RED MASK FROM MARS STORY!!!


Hope everyone is either spooked up, zombified or even if you're just planning to eat your bodyweight in candy, ready to get all up in some Halloween spirit! I know I am.

Today marks the release of an awesome anthology, that I was lucky and honoured enough to be part of. Check out this beaut of a cover that Mike Stock put together!

Set up by the mighty indie talent of Mike Garley and Mike Stock (two of the guys behind the amazing series Kill Screen - which you absolutely must get. Get it now. NOW), its a fun little anthology comprising of 13 tales of terror from some of the UKs best small press and indie talent. And me. :D

It features a brand new story from me 'The Red Mask From Mars vs The Halloweener', which pits everyones favourite bloke with an alien strapped to his face fighting a hideous pumpkin monster! How can you NOT want to read that?! :D Created exclusively for the anthology and once again coloured by the amazing Shaun Dobie (whose epic sci-fi series Descending Outlands also has a spookerific and gorgeous lil short featured inside), it was great fun putting together something for this as Im a HUGE halloween fan. Plus it also gave me a chance to give people a little bit more RM action while they wait for issue 2 (which Im currently chained to the drawing board finishing up inks on)

ANyhoo... my contribution aside, this anthology is bloody awesome and if youre in the mood for some fun spooky times - get your hands on it today FOR FREE!! Heck, you're going to want to get it just to see how this turns out...

You can download it for FREE HERE, and be sure to post on your facebook, twitter or anywhere else you can think of to spread the word and work of this great group of creators!!

Have an awesome halloween weekend folks. Im off to watch back-to-back horror movies and eat my bodyweight in sweets (if you cant do it today when can you?).


The Vince of Darkness x

Friday, 3 October 2014

Nottingham Comic Con - I am coming to get you!

Happy Friday folks!

I hope when you read this you've had (or having) a good week. As I write this, I've got that kid at christmas feeling. That unbound excitement that will not be tamed.

Yes, thats right... its time for another convention!!

This time, its the second Nottingham Comic Convention, and I cannot wait!

Its the next stop on this year Red Team Tour, and I'll have the last remaining stock of the first print run of The Red Mask From Mars, so if you're going be sure to stop by and pick one up. Its a rollicking good time and, lets be honest, I want as many people as possible on board for when issue 2 hits. If you've already got it and know someone who is going to the con, tell em to pick up a copy. Theres free hugs and high fives in it for ya. Now THATS a deal!

For those who haven't seen me post about the stuff I'll available, then check this little lot out.

First up, is my 'baby' The Red Mask From Mars.

Im going to have the first issue (£3), cool posters (£1) to hang on your wall alongside your favourite band and groovy badges for only 50p! Im also going to a very limited batch of the special edition Xenopshere Packs, chocked full of goodies! Check out what could you get your hands on!

I'm also going to have a selection of artwork prints with me on my table as well. Both A3 and A4 and hopefully they will do alright. Im proud of them and its an extra bit of fun for those having a browse.

Heres the selection of A3 prints, which will be available for £5 each

And heres the selection of fun-packed A4 prints, all available for only a quid each!! Thats right! £1! :D

So as you can see theres gonna be plenty at my table to get your sexy little hands on. Of course, there will be vast amounts of nonsensical conversation to be had to, and that wont cost anything so please pop by and say hi!

For the first time I'll be sharing my table with my lovely girlfriend/support/better half Jo, and its another reason Im hugely excited about the day. She's been an amazing pillar of support whilst I've been finally getting myself into the world of self-published comics (she helped us out at Melksham, and also gives me the kick up the arse to get on with Red Mask), and although she's not the die-hard comics fan like I am, being a painter and graphic designer she's a highly creative person in her own right and so loves being surrounded by all the awesome people and art everywhere. She also picks up loads of cool goodies at the shows she's been to so far and I love seeing what she's come back with. In short, she's bloody awesome and I cant wait to see what she thinks when Im in my suped-up-geeky-bloke talking about comics mode.

As for where you can find us at this event, we will be on the lower level at table L58. That in itself is awesome because its the number of the house I grew up in. Talk about destiny!!

Check out the full convention website here

Theres so many great guests and independent artists and comic creators there its unreal. I for one cant wait to meet some of the lovely people and amazing artists I've gotten to know a bit but live too far away for me to hug and generally act uncomfortable around :D Social media is a beautiful thing sometimes.  I cant believe I've just said that.

The worlds gone mad!

Now, I just need to get this pesky day of work out the way and start the mega road trip from Bath to Nottingham. TOOT TOO PUT THE TUNES ON!!

Or sumthin like that.

Anyhoo, keep an eye on my twitter etc as I'll post stuff as the day goes on if I can.

See you there peeps!

ps. Those who cant make it to this one, be sure to get your behinds to this years Thought Bubble, as I will be there with my partner in crime Shaun Dobie (and his excellent book Descending Outlands) in the new Thought Bubble Teepee! Check out more details here