Thursday, 25 October 2012

From Ruin's The Path Ahead - Album Cover

Even though the album is yet to be released and the artwork is going through the finishing stages as we speak, I thought I would unveil the cover art I have done for the awesome band From Ruin. It's for their debut album 'The Path Ahead' and I worked closely with the band themselves on the concept. It was a cover they definately had a vision for and even though it took some revisions and a change of direction halfway through (from a hand drawn illustration style to a more photoshop based design) I got to the finish line where everyone was happy.

Here is a work in progress character illustration for it, as well as the first proof of the illustrated cover that eventually was decided against.

As it moved into a more photorealistic approach, I still felt that elements of the first proof were worth keeping. This led to quite a few hours with my good buddy Photoshop to try to put together the pieces that led to the final design, all polished off with the bands official logo and a few other elements.

Overall I'm fairly pleased with the final result, but what do you guys think?

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