Monday, 15 October 2012

PJ, The Tiny Planet Explorer (Poster Competition Entry)

This weekend I decided to take a stab at designing something for a competition (something I never normally do), namely a poster for the  Lucky 13th movie to be part of the Virgin Media Shorts shortlist for 2012. Spotted this comp on one of my twitter rambles, and after checking out the link and the short film that was the subject matter, an idea immediately sprang into my head and I couldn't help but throw my hat into the ring and see what comes of it. It really was a case of me having an idea that I just had to work on there and then, plus its always nice when you have a concept and the execution of it exceeds what you initially thought what you were going to do for it.

The film is called PJ, Tiny Planet Explorer and is about a boys journey through the universe to find a wondrous new planet to explore. Its quirky, lighthearted and amusing and I tried to convey that in my design, which you can see here:

Regardless of the outcome (even though winning a spanky new iPad would be nice I actually didnt enter for that for some inexplicable reason) I'm pretty happy with the results. Not too bad for a late night Sunday illustration sesh, and its one I might even get printed up nicely. We shall see.

Check out the full competition and the 12 other posters here

Now... I wonder if theres a planet out there that consists of nothing but bacon? Hmmmm.

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