Monday, 31 December 2012

The Warrior of Chains!

Well 2012 is almost over, and amidst the time spent eating far too much chocolate and ham (no at the same time, that would be tasty madness) I picked up a new A4 sketchpad with the intention of sketching up characters and designs for my comic book that will be out later this year. Before i got down to doing that though, I tried my hand at a little art challenge my good friend Dan text me out of the blue. It basically asked me to draw an ancient skeletal swordsman wrapped in a chain, and each link represents a great wrong that he is repenting for.

Which led me to sketch this (apologies for the phone camera quality of the pic)

Feels good to be at the pad with a pencil again. Looking forward to posting more soon and getting this blog cooking with gas!

Until then... Happy New Year folks!! Hope its a good one!


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