Friday, 1 March 2013

Back to being a Pencil Jockey!

The drawing board is in a coma no longer!

Nope, I dont know what that means or why I said it either, but basically in between watching back-to-back Sopranos (which Im loving; why didnt I watch it before?!) Ive been taking the opportunity to doodle some characters Ive always been fond of. Im having a blast doing these, and Im going to do a whole bunch more this weekend. Another plus point is its getting me some good practice for when I start pencilling the first issue if my comic in the next few days.

Busy times, and thankfully in an awesome way!

Check out the images, and be sure to keep an eye out because Ill be tweeting more soon!

Ps. A HUGE thanks to all the folks that have retweeted or faved my work recently. You guys are awesome!

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