Saturday, 16 March 2013

Tales from a Lonely Planet

What a busy week its been in the land of Vince-ness.
Firstly, I started a new full time job this week in the heart of Bath. It's an absolutely gorgeous place to work, and already it's fuelling my creative mind to no end. Always a good thing, and I can probably attribute that to the fact that I busted out this piece of cover artwork amongst getting used to a new routine/schedule etc.

I've got 4 pages of sequential artwork in an upcoming anthology 'Tales from a Lonely Planet', which is being put together by Stu Perrins, who also wrote the story I did the art for, 'The Visitor'. To see more info on this project click here.  Here's the basic pitch 'With stories of superheroes, super spies, space travel, lonely giants, gangsters and more, there's something for (almost) everyone. All profits go to cancer research uk.'

It's well worth a look, especially as all the profits from it will go to Cancer Research UK. For that reason alone I urge you to support it, never mind that I've got some work in there.

Anyhoo, recently Stu posted on the tweetbox that unfortunately his cover artist had to bow out and he needed someone to fill in. I gave him a nudge and said 'Sure, I'll give it a bash. Why not!'. Luckily for me my overenthusiastic commitment wasn't followed by furious head scratching, sweating and exclamations of 'what the **** am I gonna do?!' as I immediately sketched up some concepts that same night. Once I nailed the one I wanted to do, it was to the drawing board, and after a creative orgy that consisted of pencil, watercolours, inks and then some illustrator and photoshop tweakery to put the cherry on top I arrived at something that I was happy with.

And here it is!

Thankfully when I sent it to Stu he was over the moon with it too, so it's with a happy heart that I can chalk this one into the 'WIN' column, and as I'm off out for a family meal tonight I think I'll treat myself to a fizzy pop to celebrate.

I'm SOOOOOO rock'n'roll.

Like, totally.

Be sure to let me know what you guys think of it as always. The feedback is always appreciated. I'm pondering the concept of selling this as a limited print too (without the snazzy title text), so if you'd like to get one get in touch!

At the very least I hope you enjoy a monkey in a spacesuit, because I had fun drawing that. There needs to be more monkeys in spacesuits. That's just my opinion.


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