Thursday, 9 January 2014

I'm baaaaaaaaack!!

Here I am, sat at my desk, now back to the routine of a brand spanking just-out-of-the-packet new year, and I think to myself... nope, not 'what a wonderful world', but 'by gum golly I havent updated my blog in so long it'll be called a museum exhibit soon!'.

Lets amend that shall we? Yes. Lets!

I hope everybody reading this had an awesome 2013 and the festive period was one of bucketloads of fun and indulging in all that good stuff that makes you rub your belly and then have a nap in the afternoon (or is that just me?).

Last year was a busy one for me. I started a new job and moved to a new city, which, being the small town yokel that I am, has been an ongoing adventure of discovery and awesomeness which I'm truly thankful for. Its been a creatively productive time too, but nothing compared to what I want to do in 2014!

I finished the main artwork for the first issue of my comic book series The Red Mask from Mars (check out the origin issue here for FREE), and am currently neck deep in lettering and designing the issue whilst my good friend and colourist Shaun Dobie (check out his great portfolio of work HERE) is putting his brand of fantastic colouring to it.  It's hugely exciting, and I cant wait to put it all together and see what you all think!

As a little taster, heres a few panels of the first issue that show absolutely nothing of the story and give you no impression of some of the crazy ideas Im putting into this. :D

I'll be launching the series at the 2014 Bristol Comics Expo this year, so expect me to do some mega pimping and PR work as the time draws closer!

As for other projects, well like most creative people I'm toying with all kinds of ideas to work on this year, some of which I will just be writing. Thats a nerve-wracking task in itself as Im used to writing for myself to draw, but I've got some awesome ideas I want to get out there and Im hoping this coming year will bring on some awesome new collaborations so that can happen.

If that isnt enough, I've also got a couple of short stories for potential anthologies that Im hoping to do the artwork for soon.

Dear god now that I've listed it all I've gone slightly light-headed. Need caffeine to sort me out. That should do it.

*glug glug*

Aaahh. Thats better. Now where was I?

Ah yes, I also got a bunch of awesome art stuff from my good lady for christmas, so I've spent the past few weeks playing around and getting used to using it all. Heres a few images I did for you to jam into your eyeball sockets and enjoy.

The only pic I've ever done of Wolverine I'm pleased with. Plus in the his best costume too. YOU KNOW IT BUB!

God I love Nova. Such an awesome character design.

Inspired by my watching of the series Dexter from the beginning again.

Adrian Bordy as Doctor Strange. Ya know... just because it makes sense.

Doing this led me to ponder doing some proper prints of artwork based on classic horror movie villains.

My take on Cyber Monday.

This one I'm especially proud of, as when I asked my pale Dobes to give me something to draw to test my new pens he said "draw me as a wrestler fighting an intelligent velociraptor in freefall from a hot air balloon." What a challenge!

Thats all for now folks, but stay tuned coz as I said, theres plenty more to come from my drawing board in 2014!!

Until the next time I post something pointless and inconsequential...

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