Thursday, 23 January 2014

My brain is powered by stories!

Almost the end of January already?!

Where in the name of Findus Crispy Pancakes is this year going to?

Crikey I've got so much to do over the next couple of months its unreal! Things are going well on The Red Mask from Mars debut issue, and I seriously cant wait to start popping teaser ads and promo like theres no tomorrow. Once again, if you haven't check out the origin issue yet be sure to go to and download the FREE origin issue today. Tell all your friends and get on board for when Red Team starts up in May!!

With lettering, proofing and writing I haven't had a chance to do much proper drawing recently, but I did manage to sketch some more character ideas for a short I'll be working with LJ Halsall on soon. Once Mask is out to print I'll be working on that some more, as well as another short with my other writer chum Stu Perrins (creator of the Tales from a Lonely Planet anthology). They are two very different propositions so hopefully I can do them justice when the time comes.

I can also announce that concept work has begun on a new series I'm hoping to get going later in the year. Its a project I'm going to be going 'writer-only' on, which is a nerve jangling experience for me, as I'm so used to writing purely for my own inane scribblings with pencils and pens. I'm hugely excited about the potential for it though, and currently working with some artists on characters designs. For a dude that loves looking a comic book artwork in any form Im in hog heaven right now :D

It's going to be a horror book, full of quirky characters, terror, drama, balls-to-the-wall action and as its me a fair old sprinkling of black comedy throughout. I'll say no more than that for now (like I say, its in the early stages) but check out the early logo design I threw together for it.

I'll keep you posted on its progress over the next few months.

Now, time to get back to that drawing board... those sound effects wont create themselves!


V x

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