Thursday, 17 July 2014

Whats been happening?


How long has it been since I updated this blog? Way too long it seems. Time to rectify that, but what on earth could I blog about? Have I been up to much? Well, since I wrote something on here last I have

Finished the first issue of my comic book series The Red Mask From Mars!!!

Launched that series (quite successfully) at Bristol Comic Expo in May, plus also met, got to know and instantly became friends with a fantastic bunch of comic creators.

Set up the website (which continues to be added to) for the Red Mask, where you can buy the issue 1 in print or digital and also download the FREE origin issue (click here to check it out!)

Created a batch of horror movie icon inspired prints (that will be added to)

Did plenty of other prints too, which I will post up on here soon.

Designed a cover for the debut horror novella for author buddy andmy brother-from-another-mother Daniel Marc Chant (buy it here)

Did some illustrations for a presentation involved in the conference All About People.

Began lettering the debut issue of my colourist (and another brother-from-another-mother) Shaun Dobies sci fi epic called Descending Outlands, which is being launched at Melksham Comic Con!

Continued work on the Red Mask, which included issue 2 scripts and artwork, a special anthology appearance to be announced soon and working on a script for a new story!

All that and I also set up a tour schedule for future conventions where you guys can buy my books and artwork!

Check it out

Long story short though, Im going to make  a concerted effort to keep this blog up to date now. Now that Red is live, things are moving forward at quite a pace so there will be plenty more to update you all with soon.


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