Thursday, 21 August 2014

I'm going to be all over the shop!!

Hey there folks

Been a busy time in the laboratory recently, mostly with working on new Red Mask From Mars goodness for people to enjoy and to help pimp out the greatest comic you've not yet read (and if you have, then thanks... hope you enjoyed it!).

Got my next convention appearance very soon at the awesome Melksham Comic Con. Its going to be two days of brilliant fun, great atmosphere and some of the finest talents in the UK small press scene (oh, and me). I went as a visitor last year with my good buddy Dobes (who will be launching his sci fi epic Descending Outlands at the show) and we had a brilliant day. I spent waaaay too much on lots of amazing books an came away with even more enthusiasm to get my comic book finished.

As you all know, thats now a reality, and quite literally taking on a life of its own which is amazing, and its great to know people are digging it.

As the con is approaching I put together some more artwork and goodies which I hope the folks at the show will get a kick out of.

I've just put together a new piece which is a revision on an older Red Team doodle. Cleaned it up and gave it a fresh mew look, added the series 'movie tag line' and voila!
As you can see I've diddified my characters. It had to happen at some point. I cant help myself.

I've also been putting together another set of EXCLUSIVE Xenosphere 'Secret File' packs for the convention. These things are packed full of convention exclusives, and whatever you get in these packs you wont be able to get anywhere else so if you're interested be sure to grab your copy as soon as you can! When I launched this series at Bristol Expo these bad boys SOLD OUT which I was hugely happy about. With that in mind Im putting together five extra packs so hopefully there will be enough for everyone whose interested :D

Check out the list of what you'll find in each pack!

Also been working on some art prints that are non-Red Mask related, and Im having a hell of a lot of fun doing them. They will be available from my table too (hopefully I can fit all this awesomeness into the space haha) and Ill be previewing the others next week once Ive finished them.

For now... check out my rendition of one of my favourite Marvel characters... NOVA. Hope you guys get a kick out of the spacey goodness!

Ive also got a very special evening lined up in the town I grew up in. Its my first in-store appearance as it were (can I call it that? Not sure if I can call it that... oh screw it Ive called it that) at Netplay in GIllingham, Dorset. It was set up by the lovely folks at In2thereview and rather than me rabbit on and on like a jabbering loony, check out whats going to be going down and when...

On Thursday the 4th of September, we have the awesome Vince Hunt gracing our presence at Netplay in Gillingham Dorset!
Vince will be doing a talk about his fantastic new comic out “The Red Mask From Mars(you can also check out a free ‘Origins’ copy of the comic here), which has been previously featured on In2thereview HERE,
Vince will also be doing a beginners class on how to design & draw charactersalso there will be Q & A with him during the evening as this will be held in a friendly environment where questions are always welcome!
Also for anyone interested in creating their very own comic book, Vince will also be giving tips on how to go about this from start to finish, so this is a night for everyone at all ages!
There will be refreshments available all evening & also signed comics for you to take home and read!
Doors open at 7pm, so come on down for a fun filled evening of comics, drawing and writing know-how!

Find out more information about the evening HERE. Its sure to be a great lil night!
I hope theres cake! I bloody love cake. Mmmmm cake.
Where was I? :D

Anyhoo, Id better get back to the lab... those nightmarish creations dont feed themselves, and if I dont keep them securely locked up, another member of the public is certainly going to get chewed upon.
Vince x

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