Friday, 29 August 2014

Melksham Comic Con Time!!

Hey folks,

As I write this, supping on a nice glass of Cherry Coke (which one of my workmates calls me a 'pervert' for liking, strangely), I do so safe in the knowledge that I am all packed up and prepared for the oncoming weekend of non stop awesomeness that will be known in the annals of history as Melksham Comic Con 2014!


I've got all my Xenosphere packs sorted, a box full of Red Mask comics, posters, badges, prints and all manner of goodness all ready to go, so tonight can just be a case of chilling out with my table buddy and uber colourist Shaun Dobie as we psyche ourselves up for the excitement. This time last year we went as visitors, and it was such a great con. The atmosphere was brilliant and it gave us an opportunity to chat with some great creators who we've since become chummy with. I also spent waaaaaay too much money, but the regret didn't last long as everything I bought was bloody ace!

Anyway, I digress... this year we're going to be there as exhibitors which is massively exciting. Its only my second proper convention with The Red Mask and Im looking forward to seeing if I can get fresh new blood hooked on the series and my tales of the former astronaut turned science fiction hero. So be on the look out for this on your travels folks

Also available at the convention will be the exclusive convention only Xenosphere Secret File packs, chocked full of extra stuff for your viewing pleasure that you won't be able to get anywhere else. Huzzah!

Plus I'll have some exclusive limited edition prints of Red meeting one of the most famous xenomorphs of all!

As well as this I'll have a couple of new artwork prints available on my table too. They are A3 and Im sure you'll agree they will look absolutely spiffing on your wall :D


NOVA (aka Rich Ryder)


Putting my personal standalone pieces of artwork is always a nerve-wracking thing for me, as its a whole different kettle of fish than pimping out my comic. If these prove popular enough though I've got plenty more in the pipeline (currently working on a Spidey piece which is proving to be a lot of fun). Well, when I can get away from the drawing board of Red Mask issue 2 of course hahaha. 

Another hugely exciting event happening at the con is the debut of Descending Outlands. Its a lil sic-fi epic that readers of this blog will no doubt be familiar with, but let me tell you its definitely worth checking out. My table buddy Shaun Dobie is the colourist for The Red Mask, but DO is his little baby. He's written an action packed epic tale that certainly starts with a bang (and bang, and bang bang), got some great artists for interiors and one hell of a sexy letterer by the name of Vincent Hunt :D

He's got plenty of other goodies lined up for his table too, so if you pass by our table you be knocked over sideways by all of the awesome we'll be throwing at you (not literally of course).

You can read the first chapter of the series at the official website. 

Im also going to be taking part in my first ever panel at the con on the Sunday at 3.30. Heres the skinny on what me and the awesome creators Ill be sharing the panel with, will be waffling about...

Comics Garage Presents: Story Mechanics - Putting It All Together

So you've got a notebook or three full of ideas, but you're still staring at a blank screen. How do you turn all those scribbled words into a cohesive story? Do you start at the end and work back, how many acts are really in a three-act structure, and should you pamper your characters or give 'em hell???

Join small press creators Ian Matthews (RazarHawk), Jamie Lambert (Dexter's Half Dozen), Sarah Millman (Heart Of Time), and Vince Hunt (Red Mask From Mars) as they go under the bonnet of the comics writing process.

Phwoar! Under the bonnet action. Get in. Cant wait. Ian, Jamie and Sarahs work is awesome so Im honoured to be sharing the floor with them. I apologise in advance for the terrible drivel that will escape from my mouth, or if I do indeed bring about a demonic apocalypse by reading ancient text from the book of the dead.

So if you've got tickets to the convention, be sure to drop by mine and Shauns table and say hi. We won't bite. Well, hopefully.

If you want to know more about the con and all the fun happening this weekend, check it out here

Anyway... Ive waffled enough as it is, and this blogging is hunger-inspiring stuff. Time to order pizza methinks and get my nom on!

Until next time true baweevers!!

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