Thursday, 25 September 2014

I'm launching another book in November!!

Its Thursday, and time for another blog full of nonsense, rambling and waffle. Not actual waffles of course, although now Im really hungry. Dammit!

Anyhoo, the past couple of weeks have been busy, what with Nottingham Comic Convention just around the corner and then Thought Bubble in November, theres plenty of stuff in the pipeline.

Most exciting of which will be the complete collection of my old webcomic strip Stalkerville. For those of you not aware of this dark and twisted little thing I did, then allow me to enlighten you...

Back in the days of MySpace (before it disasterously imploded on itself. Remember that? Blimey that was an age ago!), in a time when I was becoming a bit of a prolific designer of cd covers, tshirt designs and band profiles, I decided to create a little webcomic strip. I love horror movies so naturally used that as a springboard to create a strip about the day to day life of a town where a group of killers, mutants, maniacs and psychopaths live. Its name was Stalkerville, and from day one it was an adults only strip, not for the faint of heart or easily offended.

Its home was its very own MySpace page, and I posted the strips every Monday to Friday. I had loads of fun doing it at the time, and it soon got a little bit of a following which was cool. Eventually however, time and life caught up with me and I couldn't update it and work on it as much as I wanted to and it came to a premature end.

However, just like all the classic movie maniacs it was influenced by, Stalkerville just refused to die.

People kept asking me when it was coming back, and to this day still do. The strip itself was whispering sweet (and sociopathic) sweet nothings in my ear, wanting to come back and play. After some time to think about what I was going to do, it seemed only right that I dust the sick bastards off and bring them back into the spotlight for a whole new audience to laugh, vomit and be concerned for my mental welfare.

And so I'm very pleased to announce that  I will be launching the complete collection of STALKERVILLE at Thought Bubble this year!!

As you can tell from this delightful cover, its a bloodthirsty horror comedy strip. The humour is very dark, twisted, crude and mad, so if you like 'wrong' kind of humour then be sure to grab yourselves a copy on the day. I chose to do something in the classic Newspaper style format like the classic Garfield strips or those of the contemporary ones like the awesome Girls with Slingshots. 

Theres a whole cast of lunatics that you will grow to love, and I cant wait to see who your favourite is. Theres...

Deformed mutant butcher. Has a habit of eating small animals.

Nortons best pal. Hooded killer. Lover of ladies and killer of cheerleaders.

Mad Scientist. Creator of Abominations. Antisocial asshole.

The street's newest resident. Criminally nice, no matter what they do to him.

Living murderdoll. Object of desire. Psychopathic hater of male idiots.

Reanimated masked killer. Hopeless romantic. Brighter than he looks.

Spirit of a dead illusionist. Mad as a fish. Bad case of tourettes.

Dr Garys greatest creation, which speaks volumes. Highly incontinent.

As you can see its a highly grown up and mature selection of characters. Truly deep stuff :D

I'm just putting the finishing touches to the layout and such, which involved a font change and some tweaks to the original files so it look its best, but its going to make a great little book. Im pretty darned proud to have these little bastards back in my life.

The collection is going to be 96 pages of chucklesome horror nonsense, and who knows, if the reception is good enough then maybe Norton, Stakely and pals may come back in the future. :D

Anyway, more info and pics soon, as well as an update on Red Mask issue 2 and the 3 page Halloween Special. Oooooo Im getting all spooky up in here y'all!

Until then, keep it ARGHsome folks!
Vince x

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