Friday, 31 October 2014

Check out this Halloween anthology featuring a NEW RED MASK FROM MARS STORY!!!


Hope everyone is either spooked up, zombified or even if you're just planning to eat your bodyweight in candy, ready to get all up in some Halloween spirit! I know I am.

Today marks the release of an awesome anthology, that I was lucky and honoured enough to be part of. Check out this beaut of a cover that Mike Stock put together!

Set up by the mighty indie talent of Mike Garley and Mike Stock (two of the guys behind the amazing series Kill Screen - which you absolutely must get. Get it now. NOW), its a fun little anthology comprising of 13 tales of terror from some of the UKs best small press and indie talent. And me. :D

It features a brand new story from me 'The Red Mask From Mars vs The Halloweener', which pits everyones favourite bloke with an alien strapped to his face fighting a hideous pumpkin monster! How can you NOT want to read that?! :D Created exclusively for the anthology and once again coloured by the amazing Shaun Dobie (whose epic sci-fi series Descending Outlands also has a spookerific and gorgeous lil short featured inside), it was great fun putting together something for this as Im a HUGE halloween fan. Plus it also gave me a chance to give people a little bit more RM action while they wait for issue 2 (which Im currently chained to the drawing board finishing up inks on)

ANyhoo... my contribution aside, this anthology is bloody awesome and if youre in the mood for some fun spooky times - get your hands on it today FOR FREE!! Heck, you're going to want to get it just to see how this turns out...

You can download it for FREE HERE, and be sure to post on your facebook, twitter or anywhere else you can think of to spread the word and work of this great group of creators!!

Have an awesome halloween weekend folks. Im off to watch back-to-back horror movies and eat my bodyweight in sweets (if you cant do it today when can you?).


The Vince of Darkness x

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