Friday, 3 October 2014

Nottingham Comic Con - I am coming to get you!

Happy Friday folks!

I hope when you read this you've had (or having) a good week. As I write this, I've got that kid at christmas feeling. That unbound excitement that will not be tamed.

Yes, thats right... its time for another convention!!

This time, its the second Nottingham Comic Convention, and I cannot wait!

Its the next stop on this year Red Team Tour, and I'll have the last remaining stock of the first print run of The Red Mask From Mars, so if you're going be sure to stop by and pick one up. Its a rollicking good time and, lets be honest, I want as many people as possible on board for when issue 2 hits. If you've already got it and know someone who is going to the con, tell em to pick up a copy. Theres free hugs and high fives in it for ya. Now THATS a deal!

For those who haven't seen me post about the stuff I'll available, then check this little lot out.

First up, is my 'baby' The Red Mask From Mars.

Im going to have the first issue (£3), cool posters (£1) to hang on your wall alongside your favourite band and groovy badges for only 50p! Im also going to a very limited batch of the special edition Xenopshere Packs, chocked full of goodies! Check out what could you get your hands on!

I'm also going to have a selection of artwork prints with me on my table as well. Both A3 and A4 and hopefully they will do alright. Im proud of them and its an extra bit of fun for those having a browse.

Heres the selection of A3 prints, which will be available for £5 each

And heres the selection of fun-packed A4 prints, all available for only a quid each!! Thats right! £1! :D

So as you can see theres gonna be plenty at my table to get your sexy little hands on. Of course, there will be vast amounts of nonsensical conversation to be had to, and that wont cost anything so please pop by and say hi!

For the first time I'll be sharing my table with my lovely girlfriend/support/better half Jo, and its another reason Im hugely excited about the day. She's been an amazing pillar of support whilst I've been finally getting myself into the world of self-published comics (she helped us out at Melksham, and also gives me the kick up the arse to get on with Red Mask), and although she's not the die-hard comics fan like I am, being a painter and graphic designer she's a highly creative person in her own right and so loves being surrounded by all the awesome people and art everywhere. She also picks up loads of cool goodies at the shows she's been to so far and I love seeing what she's come back with. In short, she's bloody awesome and I cant wait to see what she thinks when Im in my suped-up-geeky-bloke talking about comics mode.

As for where you can find us at this event, we will be on the lower level at table L58. That in itself is awesome because its the number of the house I grew up in. Talk about destiny!!

Check out the full convention website here

Theres so many great guests and independent artists and comic creators there its unreal. I for one cant wait to meet some of the lovely people and amazing artists I've gotten to know a bit but live too far away for me to hug and generally act uncomfortable around :D Social media is a beautiful thing sometimes.  I cant believe I've just said that.

The worlds gone mad!

Now, I just need to get this pesky day of work out the way and start the mega road trip from Bath to Nottingham. TOOT TOO PUT THE TUNES ON!!

Or sumthin like that.

Anyhoo, keep an eye on my twitter etc as I'll post stuff as the day goes on if I can.

See you there peeps!

ps. Those who cant make it to this one, be sure to get your behinds to this years Thought Bubble, as I will be there with my partner in crime Shaun Dobie (and his excellent book Descending Outlands) in the new Thought Bubble Teepee! Check out more details here

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