Thursday, 20 November 2014

Post Con Next Con DECEPTICON!

Well, its Thursday already and I STILL don't think I've woken up after an epic weekend at Thought Bubble. Lazy? me? NEVER! HOW DARE YOU! TIS SLANDER I SAY!!

I had a great first visit to the comic book mecca that is the Thought Bubble Festival this year. It was such a concentrated amount of comic book awesome in one place that my head nearly exploded, plus it was awesome to take the Red Mask and Stalkerville on their longest road trip yet! Sharing my table was my colourist, buddy and general comic book deviant Shaun Dobie who brought his epic action sci-fi Descending Outlands (which you can grab from and a cool selection of prints etc with him for public consumption.

Heres what my table set up looked like, chocked full of comic book goodness!

Of course if you were there you no doubt saw this and the two hairy menaces lurking behind the table too.

The 2 day show itself was an epic affair, and if you went as a visitor you no doubt were as overwhelmed as I was. So much to see and buy, and to be surrounded by so many crazy talented and creative people was just awesome on so many levels.

We were situated in the Thought Bubble TeePee on table 21 (if you follow my twitter you no doubt saw me rambling about it over and over in the lead up to the event), which was a huge tent that linked the two areas of small press awesomeness. We were situated next to Alex Hahn and Dominic McKenzie, two supremely nice illustrators and purveyors of small press comicdom, and it was great to meet and spend the weekend chatting to them. Proper nice chaps they were! When I was in London doing the Comiket in the British Library, my girlfriend picked up one of Alex's comics too - so naturally I had to follow her lead :D

The TeePee was also the place where some of the big names in comics were appearing for signings etc, and boy was it busy all weekend. The footfall was quite astonishing. Unfortunately, I'm afraid to say, this didn't necessarily turn into the comic book sales I was expecting for either me or Shaun. People were digging on the prints that we had, but to get folks to check out the comics was an uphill struggle. Bit of a shame and it was certainly learning curve for us both, but still didn't detract from how awesome Thought Bubble is. Next year Im gonna be back stronger and hungry for more thats for sure!

The show also gave me a chance to catch up with friends old and new, and pick up a great selection of books to add to my ever growing collection of small press awesomeness. Check it out!

Theres some truly tasty books there I think you'll agree. I told myself I wasnt going to get any more prints as Ive run out of room to hang them, but dang it the ones I got here are awesome.

Okay *takes deep breath* heres the mega big old school thank you/shout out to the lovely people I got to meet/hang out with and catch up with this weekend.
Andy Bloor, Mike Garley, Mike Stock, Joe Glass, Nich Angell, Alice White, Jon Lock, Lucy Brown, Jen Gyllablad, the Beard, Mark Adams, Conor Boyle, Lizzie Boyle, Anastacia Catris, Dom McKenzie, Alex Hahn, Kel Winser, Tom Ward, Nick Gonzo, Sarah Millman, Alfie Gallagher, Owen Watts, Jasmine Woods, Tony Esmond, Matthew Harrower, Hugo Boylan, Kerrie Smith and Sam Webster.

Phew! Think that was everyone.

A special mention goes to one of my writing heroes Scott Snyder, who whilst having a wander around when things were winding down, actually popped over to our table at the end of Sunday to say hi and have a brief chat. A super humble and awesome guy. I did a miniature geek out but recovered and had a really cool chat about his new book Wytches, a book which if you're a horror fan (as I am) then you really have to check out. When I told him that this was our first year of publishing comics and appearing at conventions he simply said 'Welcome to the neighbourhood'. It was a simple moment but one I'll remember for a very long time. Thanks Scott (not that you'll  ever read this but still)!!

After an epic convention like that you'd think I'd be done with being out in public for the year, but not me - Ive got ANOTHER CONVENTION THIS WEEKEND!!


This time I'll be just down the road in Bristol for the BCP BOOK FAIR AND COMICS EXPO. Its a one day event taking place on Saturday 22nd November in the Mercure Holland Hotel, theres lots of awesome comic people that are gonna be there, such as my friends from Bearded Skull comics, Hellbound Media, Disconnected Press and of course my con besties Dani and Ian from Razarhawk! Cant wait to catch up with em all!

This time Ill be sharing my table with my other brother from another mother, Daniel Marc Chant. You may remember me talking about him before. He's an upcoming horror author that Ive created book covers for. He's making his convention and book debut this weekend, and will have copies of his intense and horrortastic debut novella Burning House for sale, as well as an offer on how to get your hands on a FREE copy of his next book Maldicion. Make sure you pop over and talk horror with this guy, because next year he has got some SERIOUSLY awesome books coming out!


For those people who are eagerly awaiting the second issue of The Red Mask From Mars, I can tell you that its going to be coming out in early 2015. Shaun is putting his sexy colours all over it as we speak and Im going to start lettering very soon. Im pretty stoked about how this issue is coming together, and if you liked the first one then by the power of grey skull you are going to love whats coming next.

Heres a sneaky peak at some of some line art.

I'll no doubt be releasing sneaky peeks of the issue, so stay tuned to my twitter feed and let me know what you think.

Anyhoo, I've rambled enough for now. Expect more waffling and artwork soon my lovelies!

Until then, keep it metal and comicy folks!
Vince xxx

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