Monday, 8 December 2014

Con Tour Ends, but the December Sketch adventure has begun!!

Ho ho hoooooooh who am I kidding, its not christmas yet. Got too much to do before then, like finally posting this much delayed blog about stuff and things :D

Well, my convention list for 2014 is done, and what a year my first foray into comic book convention exhibiting it was!

From the debut of The Red Mask From Mars #1 at Bristol Comic Expo, its been a roller coaster ride of meeting new (and awesome) people, making new friends, getting some great feedback about the comic and travelling all over to pimp my little book about a cocky, hyperactive former astronaut with an alien strapped to his face.

Im grateful to say that so far the Red Mask has gone down pretty well, and the reaction and feedback has been overwhelming, awesome and totally makes me even more excited about working on the further adventures of the Xenosphere crew. I've truly fallen in love with the bunch of characters in this book, and I hope that as people continue to follow the first arc, more and more people will do so too!

I also launched the Stalkerville collection, and as Ive got a stack of books to sell, expect me to pimp the hell of this stuff over the next few months!!


Bristol's BCP was an interesting affair. As always, its awesome to hang out with my author flavoured writing buddy Daniel Marc Chant (check out his website and upcoming books here) and it was cool to see him have his books on display for the first time. It was odd for me, as I was giving him tips and ideas on how to display his half of the table it was almost as if I knew what I was doing. I've only been doing this for half a year and have learnt so much from so many people. I'm finding with each show Im trying new ways to set up and make my work stand out better, and with each new book that Im going to bring out I dont see that stopping any time soon. I wont lie - I love it. Being at conventions with a table is tiring stuff but in the best possible way.

As for the show itself, it was very quiet in terms of turn out, but gave me an awesome excuse to catch up with my good friends from the Razarhawk, Dexters Half Dozen, Disconnected Press and Hellbound Media crews - always a good time and something I wish happened more frequently (oh get a grip Vince you soft pile of soppy mashed potato).

I'm seemingly collecting even more awesome people to hang out and talk comics with, like they're some kind of race of Pokemon, only with cooler powers and comics to sell.

This happened first in the form of the (hilarious) Lou Scannon duo of Dan Harris and Kris Carter. Been wanting to pick up LS for a while now, and it did not disappoint - a great comic series you should check out! Plus we totally nerded out reminiscing about 80s kids cartoons, and I dont think theres any quicker way to my heart than that.

Then had the absolute pleasure of meeting the awesome illustrator/purveyor of monster and dinosaur joy Rianne Rowlands, who not only was one of the nicest and enthusiastic people I've met in ages, but is a big fan of vector based artwork like me. Plus she's done some awesome music artwork and cd design so immediately I was a fan.

Those guys also bought Red Mask so they've joined the rest of the people who have bought my comic and are essentially my favourite people in the world (yes, if you've got a copy of issue 1 then you're also in this camp).

But the fun don't stop there in the land of Vince...


So December has started, and on the first day of the month I was thinking/grumbling about my lack of an advent calendar this year, when suddenly I as struck by a bit of inspiration. Well, I say inspiration, I see loads of artists on twitter do this kind of thing a lot, but its a first for me, so that counts as inspiration right? Anyhoo, I decided that for every day of December I'd put a shout out to anyone who listens to me on twitter and facebook to give me suggestions of different characters to draw. I then pick one at random and sketch up said character and post it up for all to see (including a shout out to the good guy/gal that suggested it). Its an exercise to get me drawing more regularly and also gives me the fun challenge of drawing characters that I've never drawn before. I had no idea how much fun I would have doing this though. The suggestions I've got so far have been awesome, crazy, random, cool and everything in between, and every one I get (and I mean EVERY ONE) goes into my suggestion hat so that I can pick one each day. The term 'suggestion hat' shouldnt be taken lightly, I've literally been using one of my hats as a makeshift sketchy raffle picker utensil.

If you want to throw any ideas for characters you want to see me draw, then hit me up on twitter or facebook and let me know, you never know whats going to come out of the hat.

I mean, look at the first few days of sketches!!

If you like what you see here and want to see me draw a particular character, be sure to get in touch and tell everyone you know. Its a big ol bag of December advent fun dontcha know!

Anyhoo, thats it for now folks. Until next time (when I'll no doubt be showing more of this sketchy goodness), keep it cheerful, Christmassy and rocking!!

Vince x

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