Wednesday, 25 March 2015

The Red Mask Convention Tour 2015!

We've hit the hump day of the week, and roll on the weekend!

Im currently fighting off a potential cold but as The Red Mask issue 2 went off to the printers yesterday morning it stands no chance of bringing me down! HUZZAH!! I've also sent out a few pdf copies to people for potential reviews, so cue much nail-biting and wondering if the second issue is as fun as I hope it is :D


Its going to be another year of comic convention goodness as I take my comic The Red Mask From Mars and my book Stalkerville on the road again. Had a great time, met some great people and went to place I've never visited before last year, and this year looks to be no different. 

Check out the line up of dates and pencil in the ones you want to come by and say hi at!

Got a couple more possible events I could add to this line up, but just waiting on news/announcements. I think we can all agree it looks like an awesomely stellar line up so far though!  Looking forward to catching up with my small press buddies, spread the making-comics love and pick up some of their awesome books. Thats one of the awesome things about the small press comic scene in the UK at the moment, there is so much good stuff out there of all shapes, sizes and flavours. Its just an honour to be amongst them.

Anyhoo, best get back to the laboratory, issue 2 may be imminent, but issue 3 is screaming out for attention now, and that one... is going to be even more epic.

I mean... look at the cover!!

Until next time folks...
Vince x

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