Thursday, 19 March 2015

The Red Mask From Mars issue 2 is going off to the printers!!

Its been a while since I did a blog post, and at first I was thinking I might do a couple of paragraphs with the usual jokes and nonsense I normally speak, but if you don't mind, I'd like to speak from the heart for a moment, and also give you a lil behind-the-scenes at the same time.

It's been an interesting and busy few months for me from a work perspective. Had a bit of a crisis of confidence after some lacklustre performances at conventions, and had some real issues trying to get myself 'back on the horse'. Im sure this strikes everyone at some point when they're working on stuff they're passionate about and following their dreams. Its the journey that makes it an experience worth remembering, and every great journey has bumps in the road.

However, every great journey has a destination, and what destination could be better than this...

Its with joy in my heart that I can tell you that The Red Mask From Mars issue 2 is going off to the printers this week. And let me tell you... this one has been an exciting, emotional yo-yo of a process. I'm a lot happier with the artwork in this one, but had the stress and problem of having to rewrite some dialogue during the lettering process when I realised that some dialogue and scenes just didn't work. Its an advantage of lettering this book myself, as I can edit, punch up and improve the story on the fly, but some of these sections really tested me this time. Mix that with the lacklustre performance that Red had at the last two shows I went to (to clarify, I really enjoyed being at these shows, which almost made peoples lack of interest in my comic extra difficult) and I found myself at a low at the start of the year. But, I had given people a release date and deadline and it was imperative that I made it happen, and so I picked myself up, dusted myself off and got myself back into the game (the importance of having an awesome and encouraging fiancĂ© is not to be underestimated either - Jo you rock!)

So I plugged away at the issue, desperate to make the best issue I could and get it out to the fans who have been so hugely patient, supportive and encouraging since the origin issue and issue 1 first came out. SIDE NOTE: I can't speak highly enough of all you people, and genuinely mean this when I say it... the journey of The Red Mask From Mars would not be the same without you and I truly appreciate all of the support and kind words.

Then that beautiful strawberry headed knight in shining armour Doug Stewart came back with a vengeance.

Its almost like he kicked the door in, slapped me across the face and shouted 'SORT YOURSELF OUT MAN! WE'VE GOT A WORLD TO TAKE OVER!!" The book turned a corner, it took on a life of its own and when my colourist brother from another mother Shaun Dobie sent me the pages all coloured up everything clicked together. Shaun makes me look good, so for that alone he' would be one of my bests if I didn't know him since he were kids. He's done another cracking job on issue 2 of Red Mask even though I made it hell with some of the crazy action that I put inside it. Actually, I'm surprised he still talks to me. I'm sure he won't when he see's what I've got planned for issue 3 :D

Like the great band Everclear said in their song 'The Good Witch of the North', "Nothing good ever does come easy. Nothing good ever comes without a fight" and nothing could be truer than this issue. Now its all come together and is off to Stuart Gould and the folks at UKomics I have to tell you that I could not be happier with how its turned out. Its a slobberknocker of an issue and is going to please fans of issue one hugely I hope. Ass is kicked, jokes are abundant, more mysteries are teased and it ends on another killer cliffhanger.

As you can see, plenty of action is going to be shoved in your eyeballs, including an introduction to one of my favourite Red Mask characters. Extra points will be awarded to those who get the TV show reference AND song lyrics :)

Once again I've learned a lot from taking the epic challenge and creating my own comic book, and I'm walking away re-energised and ready to work on a lot more cool stuff to come (Descending Outlands two is in the pipeline which is going to be epic)... not to mention issue 3 of The Red Mask!! Check out the cover for that here!!

I'm getting geared up to do loads of promo for Red Mask, so expect a ton of shameless self-promo, reviews, interviews and general madness to come!

I'm finalising some more convention appearances this year, so soon I'll post up a new 'tour poster' so you guys can come and meet me and get the latest Red Mask goodies!!

One point of call is to get the Facebook group a shedload more followers. Check it out, tell everyone you know and CLICK HERE AND GET INVOLVED RED TEAMERS!

So there you have it folks, a long-winded diatribe and thinly-vield promo about how great my comic is and a brief glimpse into my fractured, fragile psyche. What did you expect? You're reading my blog for pities sake!!

Im joking. I love you all. Expect high-fives or hugs next time I see you.

Until next times (which won't be so long in coming I promise)


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