Here are a few examples of my logo design work. Usually when i design a logo, no matter the company or band, I try to make it one in as few colours as possible. That of course didn't stop me putting a coupla colour-infused ones on here though.

Souls Harbor were a great rock band from the US that I worked with on a number of occasions.
I gave their old logo an overhaul and it proved pretty popular, so when the time came for
a new look logo design they came my way. This was the result.
This was an unused logo for the Bournemouth based band Brainsaw.
They didn't like it, but I was pretty happy with it, so thought Id post it here. They
wanted a horror film vibe, and I think it looks pretty horrific. What do you think?

A logo created for the hugely talented Salisbury-based folk singer Lily McCauley
I've worked on many music logos but usually its for rock/metal bands. It was a
nice challenge to put my stamp on a different style of musical genre.

Put this together for the artist Gemma Kenward, who does a great line of
one-of-a-kind customised footwear, using pens and graphic pens. Its one of my
subtler and urban pieces and Im still chuffed how it turned out.
A lil 'R-Rated' logo for an internet radio station. Mixed in a little of my
illustration to give it a little bit of animated gruesomeness. There was also
a more family-friendly version but wheres the fun in that?

This was a band name that I completely took advantage of to work up something a little simpler,
yet striking. Using a simple san serif font can make all the difference when you want that effect.

I did this as a freebie for some good friends that I played alongside in the days when I
was in a band. They were a truly great live band and I loved the name, so when it came to
designing something for them I went to town on it.

 The logo for my comic book. I wanted it to have its feet firmly in the old B-Movie territory,
as well as being able to use in appropriate ways when it comes to placing it on covers/tees etc. Plus
when its in colour it just looks cool. :D Check out the website at www.theredmaskfrommars.com

Transcend Records are a highly active music label who Ive worked with many times. The idea of a full
on crest/emblem was something I wanted to do for ages, so when this came up I took my chance
 to try it (with a generous helping of visual aggression to help its impact). This logo has been used in
everything from letterheads and p.r. material to full on vinyl graphics on the side of a pick-up truck

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