I personally was always a fan of album cover artwork and have had the good fortune to design quite a few for up and coming bands. I have always tried to be varied in the type of design and illustration I use for these, and here are some I picked out for your viewing pleasure. Like a box of chocolates theres something for everyone and I hope you dig them as much as I enjoyed working on them.

When it came to designing the album artwork for Full Tilts debut, there was no real brief as such, but there was a definate want for something less dark than my previous work. This was a design for a digi-pack album layout which gave me the opportunity to work with some nice imagery and textures to created a rusted, worn like effect. I also designed the bands logo with helped when getting it to work with the design itself.
Having worked with Marion Crane on their logo and MySpace page, I was the one who they contacted first when it came to designing their first full-length debut. The concept and themes of the tracks called for something dark and disturbing, but I didn't want to push the boundaries too far into the realms of the horrific, so I went with a more cerebral nightmare approach, with the insectoid elements giving it a menacing edge.
Sacred Mother Tongue are one of the finest metal bands the UK has produced in years, and I was privileged to work with them on many projects, from their debut EP, singles, merchandise to their web presence and MySpace.When they produced their major label debut 'The Ruin of Man', they wanted something a little different to the photoshopped album covers that filled shelves, and asked me for an original set of illustrations for it. The theme was based around all the things that would bring about The Ruin of Man itself, and I incorporated that into the drawings I did. It was one of the most intense pieces Ive ever done, but it was worth it for the feeling I got when I saw it on the shelves of my local HMV when it was released.
This was an unused concept for the debut album from the Dirty Youth. I'm a big fan of them and offered forth my services for potential artwork, and they really liked what I initially did. The music business being what it is, the album wasn't released for a while, they were signed to a different label and in the end we lost touch and this didn't go any further. That's the way it goes sometimes. What I did do still remains one of my personal favourite designs though.

An EP design that eventually came to nothing due to the client not coming forth with payment after the work was complete, this still holds a place in my favour due to it giving me a chance to play with some different styles and elements than I was being asked to do on other projects. Using stark thresholds on photos and some filters and textures, I pieced together something that has a little more poetic quality to it than some of my other darker works.
For this EP I used a mixture of vectors, photos and textures to create some artwork laced with attitude and full of intent. There was no band logo to speak of, so I went ahead and threw something together myself for it. The devilish image that happens to be pointing a gun in your face is a mix of a dirty harry still I found and a photo reference I took of my own face to create the look I wanted. Before you ask... let me tell you now that to one will ever see the photos of me looking like an idiot trying to get the right expression and angle I wanted.

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